A developer worst-case scenario

Leadership Oct 23, 2019

It took me years to make the jump from my first job as an employee to become self-employed and found my own company. I worked for a consultancy building websites, mobile apps, and eCommerce systems, and after 2-3 years, I was already sure I want to work on my own. It took years and a massive push from my wife to finally become my own boss. In hindsight, I realize that I have never thought about my worst-case scenario for this life change. So if you think of becoming your own boss or are just scared to look for a new job, you must have a look at your personal worst-case scenario for this change.

So how does a worst-case scenario for an employed developer look like in 2019? What things can happen that damage your life in the long-term? To make it even more complicated, which disasters can happen if you go self-employed and don't get a salary anymore?

The answer is easy: You have to get a new job and become employed by someone else again. Even if you have just an essential professional network, getting a new job as a developer in 2019 is ridiculously easy. Call five friends or reach out to people you know on the internet and get three interviews. You'll end up with at least two job offers.

Will these be your dream jobs? Maybe not. Will they pay your bills? Most likely, yes. This is your current worst-case scenario–a worst-case scenario that 98% of all other people with most other professions can not even come up within their dreams!


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Sebastian Schlein

I’m Sebastian, Managing Partner, Developer and Consultant at Beyond Code. I write about entrepreneurial topics for freelancer, agency owners and people who want to become either of these.