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str_replace explained (with examples)

No one on earth can remember the order of parameters for PHP functions like str_replace. You need this function often but which parameter comes first? Read more

Tailwind CSS spacing explained

This article explains how the different spacing utilities like padding, margin and space work in Tailwind CSS and when to use them. Read more

CSS to Tailwind converter – Windy

Converting existing sites to Tailwind CSS is simple with Windy and the DevTools for Tailwind CSS. Let's convert the Bootstrap navigation. Read more

Using the Tailwind grid

Modern layouts use a grid system to align elements and define their responsive behavior. The Tailwind grid makes this simple. Read more

The magic of the Laravel str() helper

As a Laravel developer, we are used to work with helpers across the framework and our own code. They provide an abstraction layer to existing PHP functions and make them easier to use. Read more