About me

I’m Sebastian, Managing Partner, Developer and Consultant at Beyond Code. I write about sales and leadership for software developers, agency owners and project managers.

While sales is the most important topic for every freelancer or agency owner it is often seen as the necessary but difficult part of the business that we try to avoid at all costs. Why? It makes us uncomfortable.

In my own career, I’ve learned how I can remove stress from sales situations, sell things at a higher price than our competition does and actually have fun in negotiations. I’m sharing everything I know about these topics because they are the key factor why we can provide a great value for our clients.


The best way to stay connected with me is on Twitter.


All posts describe how I calculate prices, negotiate with our clients and are specific to my situation. They might not work for your situation and so I'm not responsible in case they don't work and you get less clients than before.

I also know that I have an advantage in negotiations because I'm tall - 2.02m (6´7″) - white and male.