Companies I have a stake in

Since I started my journey on self-employment in October 2016, I've been a freelancer and founded multiple companies. I'm currently working as managing partner at Beyond Code–my first company–that I have founded in November 2017 with my friend Marcel Pociot. In July 2019, we also founded Facade with our partners at Spatie in Antwerp.

Beyond Code

Beyond Code is a web consultancy and we're building custom web applications for our clients. Our main focus is related to eCommerce marketplaces and platforms that are run as Software-as-a-Service businesses.

Beyond Code is also our main legal entity for our other ventures. We're building software tools for web developers and creating premium online courses. The company is the parent company of Facade.


In July 2019, we founded Facade with our partners at Spatie. The main purpose of Facade is Flare–the only error tracker that automatically suggests fixes.

Facade was founded to create a dedicated legal entity and keep everything related to Flare within this legal body. It disconnects decisions for the future of Flare from our parent companies and bundles the knowledge of all experts who are working for Flare within this company.